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Hi There,

If you’ve been tuned-in to my recent messages and articles, you’ll have considered by now that Emotional Resilience is currently at risk, and many of us are living in an internal fog from the effects of the hormone Cortisol during these stressful times. I hope that my solutions have defrosted your brain's windshield, and that you’ve taken the opportunity to weave these emotionally healthy perspectives into your day as a matter of course.

This time around, consider these three emotional resilience “boosts”:

1). Inflate and Release: What color are your negative emotions? Imagine filling up a balloon of that color with those emotions— I mean figuratively blowing them from inside of you INTO the balloon like helium. Then release the filled balloon and watch it carry your emotions into the sky.

2). Articulate Your Appreciation: Your brain can’t be in two places at once. And when you’re focused on appreciation, you cannot be seated in fear, anxiety or frustration. So, challenge yourself to speak out loud your appreciation for others, their situations, and their perspectives. Use your habit tracker and set the intention to offer four verbal moments of appreciation each day this week. Of course, your reward (fist pump included) is to check off one of the circles. Since emotions are contagious, you’ll lift others up in your “tide of goodwill”.

3). Give Buddy a Squeeze: Speaking of appreciation and goodwill, it has never been more appropriate to hug your four-legged creatures. While many of us are suffering because we’re unable to physically embrace our dear friends and extended family, hugging pets will trigger the same feel-good hormone— oxytocin. So, cuddle away and revel in that emotional energy boost!

These tiny tips are not meant to detract from our current big picture, but there is great power in focusing on small moments of gratitude, delight, comfort and awe. Carry with you Michael Beckwith’s quote, “Energy goes where attention flows”, and remember to focus that attention on the good.


Deborah Goldstein
DRIVEN Professionals / Forbes / Linkedin