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Hi There,

I am fortunate to live in NY’s Hudson Highlands, taking full advantage of the countless hiking trails and their spectacular viewpoints. One major trailhead, leading to the 1,400-ft. summit of Mt. Taurus, is walking distance from where I lay my weary head. Last Saturday morning, I decided to indulge myself in an abridged version of that local hike— to the first south-facing viewpoint and back home, which takes one hour round trip, inclusive of a 10-minute meditation session at a favorite spot along the journey.

I usually reserve this shortened version of Taurus for during the week, nestling it into a workday. This allows me to enjoy the exclusive solitude the mountain has to offer when there are fewer hikers. Well, this past Saturday, I was inspired to hike to the lookout, sharing the trail with many early climbers. While on my decent, I encountered a couple trying to take a selfie before a scenic backdrop. They were CLEARLY unhappy with the results.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have broken stride. I would have marched straight down that mountain and seamlessly slipped back into my workday routine. But thanks to the Saturday status, I wasn’t rushing back to my computer for a call. What a luxury! Thus, I offered to take the couple’s picture for them. They were giddy with delight from my gesture and took me up on it! Then the young lady said something that made me giggle out loud: “Would you like me to take a picture of you?”

As anyone who read last week’s DRIVEN message will know, watching life go by through the lens of a camera, rather than through my own personal lens, has been at top of mind for me. You see, the awe-inspiring view from Taurus is one that I enjoy dozens of times per year. Thankfully, I choose to stand in awe of its magnificence each and every time I manage the climb, no selfies necessary!

It’s a noteworthy example of the modern proverb, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Now that I’m committed to my awe adventure, I find myself in awe more and more. Won’t you consider joining me? You can’t beat the feeling!


Deborah Goldstein
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