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Okay. I’m just going to out myself: I’m a habit geek! I LOVE anchoring new practices into my routine to ensure that I’m living my version of a fulfilled life. For over a dozen years, one of my favorites was my Week In Review. Well, last week I was introduced to a new practice that will immediately replace my WIR: It was a G.I.F.T. from an imaginative, thoughtful, smart and kind entrepreneur and colleague, Michael Roderick. Here is his End-of-the-Day Postmortem:

At the end of every day, I reflect on 4 things:

I start by writing down what went well and what I am feeling good about. These are things that I am grateful for, and could include the time I spent with my children today or the exciting conversation I had with a client.

Improvements- I then take the time to write about everything that did NOT go well. These are things that I seek to improve and may include things like having my calendar be too full, or gaps that I see in my onboarding process.

Focus- Based on all of the information I have just written down, I ask myself honestly what my focus should be for the following day. This might be where I jot down things I want to make sure I do, things I may be putting off, or areas that I haven't spent enough time on.

Takeaways- This is where I ask myself, “What have I learned?” Every day is filled with lessons about ourselves and our businesses, so I usually take the time to honestly ask what those lessons are for me. I like to chronicle patterns I notice in my behavior, things I see as themes with clients, etc.

Want to take this out for a spin with me? And I’m curious: Would you be willing to share one of your favorite habits with me?


Deborah Goldstein
DRIVEN Professionals / Forbes / Linkedin